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Teen Art Expressions

On Sunday, August 13, 2017, twenty teens from different schools and of different walks of life came together to lose themselves in completely uninhibited, free flight of the brush and imagination in an empty two-story house prior to its demolition. The house, originally built in 1924, was part of the estate belonging to the Vanderbilt family. With no fancy, it served as the stable, housing the best of Vanderbilt’s mare breeds. Currently, a new house is being erected in its place, but as the generous landing of the owners had it, the old house was gifted to the artistic teens for one whole evening to be transformed into a play yard for imagination and self-expression. The kids enjoyed themselves one room to another, one floor to the other and made memorable connections with others sharing in their visions and creativity. Sara DeCarle, 19, who also took most of the photos of the event, characterized the event as “in time of the destruction, create something.” We are thoroughly grateful to Sarah DeCarle, Sarah Muratova and Michelle Muratov, Nerik Muratov, Gillian Aronov and Avi Aronov for making the event a great success and lending a helping hand with all of the logistics.

Music Talent Show at Senior Home

One of the greatest characteristics celebrated in people as emphasized by the Little Wings Foundation Inc. and its founding fathers is giving back to the community and making those around us happier whether through a kind word or a beautiful gesture or through a warm hug and attention. What better way to do so than by gifting an amazing hour filled with humorous stand-up comedy, improvisations, singing, playing musical instruments and celebrating art masterpieces within the Senior Home residents?

And that is exactly what took place in the Atria Senior Living Assisted Residence located at 96 Cutter Mill Rd, Great Neck, NY 11021 on February 21, 2016, where through collaboration with the local community center, members of Little Wings Foundations Inc. raging from ages 13 and up, both genders and many different walks of life and talents joined their older friends in a fun-packed 60-minute presentation that left everyone with a smile and a touch of warmth on a freezing day this winter.

The audience comprised of close to fifty people enjoyed unforgettable appearances of over 10 teens that made them laugh at the silly jokes and improvisations of young actors and ponder at the music and lyrics of amateur albeit promising performers.

The event ended with the ovation as the teens walked around the room, touching the hearts of the senior citizens not only through their performances but also through kind words and personalized attention.

We hope to continue reaching and warming the hearts of many more people through the incredible talents of our beautiful children whose beauty and talents stem not only from their performing gifts and abilities but also through their undoubtedly gentle spirits and kindness. 

Business Workshop

On September 13, 2015, Little Wings Foundation Inc. hosted yet another exciting event for its teens club. The charming L’Belle Restaurant of Flushing, Main Street, held close to 20 youths who took part in a Business Workshop hosted by Genie Aronov, and enjoyed an educational enrichment within the warm camaraderie of peers and delicious food.

As always to reach her audience in a captivating and dramatic way, Genie began her presentation in the most unorthodox way, breaking up the audience into two groups, placing them on two separate boats that later capsize and get destroyed by a vicious hurricane, so that the two teams find two separate deserted islands to begin a new life. Slowly but surely, through the various methods of survival and adaptation, discussed in depth by the kids, Genie introduced the teens to such terms as utilization of natural resources, bartering, borrowing and lending and further dived into the more complex and all-encompassing topics as political and economic systems, competition and anti-trust laws, investments, taxes, social welfare and much more.

Each island maintained its own political and economic system and the round-table discussion got pretty heated over which island presented a more responsible and practical platform for a socially-concerned yet privately-inclined society.

As the three hours of the workshop quickly came to an end in an exciting debate between two groups, Genie left the teens with an important seed for thought – in a constantly changing environment where the only constant is change, where the world is much “flatter” than ever before through the means of the internet and other technological advances, one must always adapt in order to survive. Whether it is by maintaining a competitive advantage or simply thinking outside the box, we must always strive to stay afloat, and knowing history and why we operate the way we do, proves to be indispensable in designing the paths for tomorrow.

Genie left us with a great food for thought, a bunch of vital glossary terms that will totally come in handy for many of us in high school and college and with finally definitions around us that we’ve always taken for granted.

We look forward to more of such interesting discussions and debates in the future.

Music Concert

From the creator of Desert Rain, The Inherited, and the Annual Children’s Winter Concerts, comes a story of conflict, love and new discoveries that is certain to mystify and inspire anyone who is up to explore their curious and creative side. A young student, hopeless from a recently broken heart seeks a new beginning, while his quest for something meaningful takes on a different path when he discovers two aliens in his very own music conservatory. Aliens, whose spaceship crashes due to a malfunction of outsourced mechanical parts, are eager to find that the music, songs and dancing created by children miraculously generates energy necessary to recharge the battery of their cosmic vehicle. At the same time, music

teacher, a wicked and angry woman who tortures her students because she feels misunderstood on Earth seeks her escape…. Will the aliens return home? Will the boy love again? Will the teacher get her wicked way? Come and find out as the children perform for you in a stress-free, non-

competitive & fun environment, making new friends and having a great time!